How to use a Spider to braid cord

for the people I met on my travels this summer Find some thick card which does not crease easily, yet isn’t too thick to cut. A scrap of mounting board is ideal. Draw a circle about 9 cm across and cut it out. Divide the circumference into 8 sections of roughly equal size. Cut a … Continue reading How to use a Spider to braid cord


Adventures at the Green Gathering

Wow! What a great festival! I love off grid events – without the diesel generators churning away, the sound levels are gentler, the lights less glaring. The whole atmosphere is more relaxed. It fits into the splendid natural setting of Piercefield Park like a hand into a glove. The weather was fabulous, with plenty of … Continue reading Adventures at the Green Gathering

Make your Xmas spending count!

It may be hard to summon up the Xmas spirit this year, but your spending power is still a lifeline for independent businesses. Make someone’s day and buy from their small shop or market stall! Traditional crafts are struggling to stay alive, despite their key role in a resilient society. The few people who persevere … Continue reading Make your Xmas spending count!

Free Craft Workshops

The Free Craft Workshops (Aster Series) – 2015 Reskilling is one of the four pillars of our resilience training, as shown in the Resilience Wheel diagram.  We secured some grant funding from Aster Communities towards putting on a series of free Craft Workshops in the Red Brick Building (situated between Glastonbury and Street, in Somerset). … Continue reading Free Craft Workshops

About the Author

Elizabeth J Walker is a teacher and writer with many years of experience in living ‘off the grid’. She gained an Honours degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University while restoring an old tenement flat, and rebuilding a car engine to see how it worked. Having failed to prevent the demolition of her street, she bought … Continue reading About the Author