Strange Landscapes


…gazing out from the wreckage at the maze of paths. Cracks in the fractured landscape conceal entities both hostile and benign. Stairs lead to doors which open onto strange worlds.

The clocks are ticking, the game begins…

transition collage smaller

A Journal of Strange Landscapes

It’s the Patriot Parade. Leitha is assigned to translation duties for a party of Japanese diplomats and their families.  She lives in a Youth Corps boarding school. Leitha doesn’t like this much, but opportunities are limited for a twelve year old…

…..Takeshi is six and fascinated by machinery. The window of the watchmaker’s shop holds him enthralled as the pavement crowds ebb and flow around him. The door opens with a melodic tinkle from a tiny bell on a spring. An elderly man emerges, carrying a long pole.

He pulls the shutters down, muttering crossly.

Takeshi moves to the door alcove and waits…..

The Dream

Morning at Home

The Parade

Through the Door

The Shop

The Night

The Morning After

Plans and Problems

Leitha and Takeshi attempt a perilous escape….strange allies… is something that happens to other people….

Mind the Gap



Prints of the collage art work, in which the story of the Journey is concealed, can be obtained from who are based in Glastonbury.

More of the story will appear at random intervals