Recipes for Resilience

‘Recipes for Resilience – Common Sense Cooking for the 21st Century’, the exciting new book by Elizabeth J Walker, is out now!  All you need to know about storing and growing your basic food supplies during a pandemic (or any other emergency!) How can you fail to have this book!

Buy direct from the publishers here, on Amazon or through regular outlets – now available through Waterstones!


Have you ever

  • wished you knew more easy recipes?
  • thought about growing your own vegetables?
  • considered stockpiling food?

Then you need this book!

Resilience expert Elizabeth J Walker is the author of ‘The Resilience Handbook – How to Survive in the 21st Century’

In her second book, Recipes for Resilience, she has collected well over a hundred simple and varied recipes, arranged by the seasons of the growing year, so you can make best use of local produce.

Month by month instructions guide you in making a ‘resilience garden’. This is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to grow vegetables. You can begin with no more than a single flowerpot!

Storing food for emergencies? Excellent idea!

You should have at least a fortnight’s supplies. Find out how to create, care for and rotate your stores, combining them with fresh food.

Your personal food security starts here!