Talks, Workshops and Personal Appearances – Costs and Details

Talks, Workshops and Personal Appearances – Details

The Resilience Handbook draws on my experiences during decades of off grid living while managing outdoor events, my work with emergency planning and with building communities. If you’d like me to turn up and explain how to become resilient in more detail, that can be arranged.

I can provide talks, workshops and personal appearances – book signings, Q&A panels, network events.


    • to a large hall [please supply any necessary sound equipment ]
    • to one or two people at management level as a consultancy exercise
    • to an interest group; at your AGM or other regular meetings
    • as part of a challenging team building exercise; a preparation talk and debrief, with an optional assessment quiz

These talks are designed to fill a one hour slot, including a brief introduction to the venue and a short question and answer session at the end.

They can be edited up or down – you would have to contact me to discuss this.

Resilience Handbooks will be available for the audience to buy.

If you order a minimum of ten Handbooks in advance from me, they can be supplied at a reduced rate, enabling you to cover some costs by handling sales yourself.

Titles available
Series One

These three talks are recommended for your first encounter with practical resilience planning. They explain how you can develop this through simple everyday actions suitable for even the busiest of lifestyles, and why you need to.

The principles of using the Resilience Wheel and associated step by step plans are outlined, along with an introduction to the materials.

An introduction to personal and community resilience – using the Resilience Handbook

Why resilience is important….how it can be learned….developing practical resilience….how to change habits…working through an example Resilience Plan….summary, conclusion, questions from the audience

Working together – forming community groups and taking forward a project

Why resilience is important….how it can be learned….developing practical resilience….the importance of neighbours….the process of forming a community group….how to sustain interest….networking and ambitions…summary, conclusion, questions from the audience

Where’s our emergency plan? – how to be helpful in a crisis

Why resilience is important….how it can be learned….developing practical resilience….how to respond to a crisis…..the nature of an emergency….useful preparations to make…how to engage with your local emergency planning….summary, conclusion, questions from the audience

Series Two

These three talks serve as a follow up to groups who have already encountered this practical resilience programme. A particular section of the Resilience Wheel is covered in greater depth, following a briefer summary of the general picture.

If you represent a particular interest group, you could contact me about creating a bespoke presentation around your theme.

Storage and forage – eating ‘off grid’

Making sure of the food within walking distance of your home….managing in an emergency….growing your own on a low budget. Suitable for groups concerned with any aspect of food or gardening…also of interest to ramblers, nature conservancy groups, historians and others

The Tangled Web – how knitting can save the planet

Traditional crafts….their value and their loss….benefits of taking up a craft…bringing resources back home…what you can do…how networks operate and why you need to know. Suitable for any group interested in practical crafts…. artists… businesses….also helpful background to building up your local economy.

Waste not, want not – a light hearted exploration of recycling

The story of rubbish…where it comes from and where it goes next….what you can do…what happens when everybody does it. Suitable as general interest.


Two to six hours of training in the use of the Resilience Handbook, in designing your personal Resilience Plan and how this links to your particular section of the community. Printed handouts are supplied as default.

To maximise the benefit to learners, workshops should be for twelve people or less.

If you order a minimum of ten Handbooks in advance from me, they can be supplied at a reduced rate.

Please contact me to discuss bringing a full course to your area, training your staff to teach resilience, or creating a bespoke lesson plan with extra materials.

Personal Appearances

Does your event feature a panel discussing current affairs, or subjects of interest to your group? I’m happy to give the resilient take on these, from recipes to revolution. With a minimum booking of two hours outside Somerset, I’ll probably have some time left over for informal chatting with your audience.

Local resilience is very reliant on small independent businesses. If you’d like me to come to your shop and do a book signing, I provide a special reduced rate [for booksellers only – minimum order 25] on Resilience Handbook orders combined with a personal appearance.

I can write copy for your press release, or even provide a short article for a local paper to publicise my visit at no extra cost.


Talks, Workshops and Personal Appearances – costs

I view the opportunity to promote resilience as a chance to involve you in an adventure!

Resilience has its role in the workplace, and I’m happy to engage with businesses. I’d like the concept to be available to community groups, charities and even groups of interested individuals as well, hence the accessible prices.

Here’s a guide to these, for your budgeting. Please call 01749 679530 to discuss details.

£30 per hour for talks, workshops and personal appearances

You provide:-

    • a venue, with convenient car parking

    • an audience

    • travel expenses [distance in miles between your venue post code and BA5 1RE multiplied by £0.70 provides for a return journey]

    • plus any tolls, ferries, parking fees etc

    • overnight accommodation if your venue is over 100 miles from BA5 1RE

    • any sound, screen or projector equipment you’d like me to use

For events outside Somerset, there is a minimum booking of one hour.

Talks are designed to fill an hour slot, but can be adjusted.

Workshops should be for a maximum of twelve people.

If these charges are still beyond your means, I embark on regular tours. You can lower my travel costs by fitting your event in with one of these. Resilience Handbooks are available to groups at a reduced rate if you order a minimum of ten from me in advance of your event.

contact Elizabeth J Walker on 01749 679530


text 07927 620476

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Twitter @elizabethjwalkr

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